Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman: Courage or Cleavage?

Wonder Woman – the most anticipated and highly recognised film of 2017 felt like nothing more than getting tomatoes thrown at my face, when I thankfully, had the pleasure of watching the movie from the comfort of my own home. Wonder Woman was praised with wondrous words like “inspiring”, “heroic” and most importantly a representation of: “female empowerment”. Girl, you’re going to have to refer back to my previous articles if you’re going to be putting Wonder Woman in the same sentence as female empowerment! Now if we were to replace Diana with Patty Jenkins’ adaptation the story of the serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, in the terrific Monster (2003,) then the subject of female empowerment would feel more apt.

However, the heavily glamorised Wonder Woman was just another excuse to throw a half-naked, voluptuous supermodel onto the big screen to then falsely labelling her as “heroic”. It felt a bit like stepping into a DC Comics nerd’s fantasy, even Chris Pine made some sort of irrelevant appearance that didn’t quite make sense. In the film, Diana is all pure and abstains from sex, hell, she doesn’t even think men are needed for female pleasure, hmm…how very modern and feminist indeed (!); yet, the little minx struts around with a corset and mini skirt for the male eyes to ponder on.  Oh and the amount of sexual tension created when Gadot and Pine are in that boat scene while escaping to London was just frustrating!

If Hollywood really wanted to depict the goddess of the hunt in a truly heroic way, how about losing the make-up and curling iron? There is no bravery attached when the female lead is immensely sexualised. This just sends out the wrong message that she can only conquer evil through her cleavage. Wonder woman is nothing more than a sex symbol, and her superpower is to influence little girls to become just like her, that is: the object of man’s desire. She is not intelligent, neither is she strong; her power is purely beauty. She even has that whole exotic Amazonian quality that men find irresistible.

So is it possible to even create a courageous Wonder Woman? Yes it is, you just have to desexualise her by putting her courageous appeals above her looks. By completely effacing her sexuality, then that’ll be a heroine I have yet to see. Just put a paper bag over Gadot’s face in the next Wonder Woman, then we will be able to see just how courageous Wonder Woman really is.

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